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News from UN secretary general Office click  UN secretary General.

United Nations news click General Assembly or Security Council   -

Europe -

Armenia   Austria   Azerbaijan   Belarus   Belguim   Bosnia & Herzegovina   Bulgaria   Croatia   Cyprus   Czech Republic   Denmark   Estonia   Finland   France   Georgia   Germany   Greece   Hungary   Iceland   Ireland   Italy   Kazakhstan  Latvia   Liechtenstein   Lithuania   Luxembourg   Macedonia  Malta   Moldova  Monaco  Montenegro   Netherlands  Norway   Poland  Portugal   Romania  Russia   San Marino   Serbia   Slovakia   Slovenia   Spain   Sweden   Switzerland  Turkey   UK   Ukraine   Vatican City  

North & Central America -
United States of America.
News from the Political scene and Government affairs, for all the latest click USA Political News
For your latest White House News click  USA White House News
For the latest weather news across the States click USA Weather News.
Sports news, bringing you the latest as it happens click USA Sport, athletics, baseball, soccer. football, basketball, tennis, horse racing,  
Paper News click What the USA Papers say
US out lands  

European Union.
News from Presidents Office click  Presidents Office.
EU business section -
Meetings today click discussions today.
Finance, for the latest information click  Finance
Farming news click  Farming
Foreign affairs click  Foreign Policy 
EU manufacturing news click  Manufacturing.

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 Asia -

Africa - 
Oceans of the World.  
Pole Regions.

United Kingdom.
UK Government today, keep up with all Parliament business click  Parliament business today
Read what the media is saying click UK Papers today
UK Sport click UK Sport

Commercial News.
Goods & Services USD $ store click 
Goods & Services GBP £ Store click
Goods & Services EU euro store click